Horseshoe Bend Sunrise by Jean-Christophe Pourbaix


Jayline - Photographies of Jean-Christophe Pourbaix - (© 2011 Jean-Christophe Pourbaix)

Jayline - Photographies of Jean-Christophe Pourbaix -

Please have a look to this stunning image by my colleague & friend Jean-Christophe Pourbaix.

Jean-Christophe took that picture a few minutes after sunrise. I of course like the glow of the rising sun at the top of the image but I’m even more thrilled by the dark color of the water, the reflection and the green area at the bottom of the cliff.

I have struggled to take an image at that same location during my trip to the Southwest back in 2010. It requires to get extremely close to the edge of the 1000 feet cliff to frame the entire scene. It is quite of a nightmare for me who is afraid of height. Obviously, Jean-Christophe came back with a more accomplished image.

I encourage everybody to go through the other images that Jean-Christophe created during his trip to the Southwest:

Southwest USA by Jayline, Photographies of Jean-Christophe Pourbaix

There are several ones of the iconic Antelope Canyon that you’ll really like, as well as an awesome one of Fiery Furnace under a dark thunderstorm sky in Arches NP, Utah.

Fiery Furnace under thunderstorm sky in Arches NP, Utah

I’ll keep publishing images created by friends on this blog. I’m really willing to promote others photography creation among the community of this blog followers

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