Lac Sacacomie, Québec

Lac Sacacomie à la fin de l'automne. (Thierry Carlier)

Lac Sacacomie à la fin de l'automne.

We drove north to Québec for Thanksgiving. We stayed at the Hotel Sacacomie where we spent 3 days hiking in late fall landscapes. This place is great to get some rest in the middle of wildlife. The hotel is entirely built in wood. It is sitting on the hillside just above the lake. At night, after hiking the entire day in the cold, it’s just great to read a book sitting in one of the wide leather sofa’s just next to the fireplace in the lobby … a sense of happiness. The dining room features a great view on the lake and the surrounding hills covered with forest. The cook prepares local meals with duck, trout, deer, berries. Every morning offers a different scene: foggy one day, sunny the next one, windy, stormy, we even got the first snow episode of the season. This place is home to a wide variety of wild animals, black bear being the most famous one, also wolves (very hard to see), moose’s (even harder), beavers (easy), bobcats, deers and an infinite variety of birds. It’s just hard to leave that place and head back to work the next Monday.

I took this picture from the hotel terrace one morning just after breakfast. Sky was overcast but light has been briefly generous. I like the slight purple tone of the naked trees grey areas. I like the patterns formed by the entanglement of broad-leaved trees and spruce trees that remain green. The stillness of the lake surface fills souls with great serenity.

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I created this image with my CANON EOS 5D Mark II, using my EF 16-35mm f/2.8L II USM Lens. Focal length: 35 mm. Exposure parameters: iso 100, aperture value f/22.0, shutter speed 0.3 s. I have balanced the sky exposure by using my 3-Stops Soft Graduated Neutral Density LEE Filter. I have used my GITZO GT3531 Mountaineer Carbon Fiber Tripod. It required limited processing using Adobe Lightroom 3.

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