This Fall is Higher than Niagara

Taughannock Falls, Finger Lakes, Upstate New York (Thierry Carlier)

Taughannock Falls, Finger Lakes, Upstate New York

We traveled to the Niagara Falls this year for spring break. I was not overly eager to see the falls as I knew that they were located in the middle of a urban area, surrounded by casino’s, and therefore not very attractive from the point of view of nature, great spaces and wilderness. In the meantime we couldn’t have lived for so many years at driving distance from this highly visited spot, without paying it at least a quick visit. We left for a short spring break trip and combined the visit of the famous falls with a few days in the Finger Lakes area, Upstate New York.

Amazing Satellite View of the Finger Lakes

The Upper Taughannock Falls, a few miles away from Cayuga Lakes (the longest Finger Lake), feature a nice thin 215 ft (65.5m) drop. This is actually  48 ft (14.5m) taller than the Niagara Falls. It can be observed from the top of the cliff like in this picture or by following the river in the bottom of the gorge. Both scenes are stunning and worth the hike.

The scene is challenging to photograph at this time of the year for the lack of foliage and bright colors. To work around these less than ideal conditions, I decided to go for a black and white long exposure image. The combination of the long exposure and the high contrast post processing that I have applied to the image nicely highlights the falling water flow within the cliff background. It is certainly a place where I should go back at the end of the summer to capture a very different scene.

More Images of the Taughannock Falls.

I created this image with my CANON EOS 5D MarkII, using my EF 16-35 f/2.8L II USM Lens. Focal length: 35 mm. Exposure parameters: iso 100, aperture value f/22.0, shutter speed 25 s. I have darkened the scene by using my Neutral Density LEE Filters in order to get a long exposure. I have used my GITZO GT3531 Mountaineer Carbon Fiber Tripod. It required limited processing using Adobe Lightroom 3.

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