Lac Sacacomie en Hiver

Lac Sacacomie au début de l'hiver. (Thierry Carlier)

Lac Sacacomie au début de l'hiver

I went back to school for 2 years last May so I had and still have very few opportunities to get out there with my gear and get back with great images. I got such an opportunity last week as we were back to the Hotel Sacacomie in Quebec to spend a few days for Christmas and my birthday. As usual we really enjoyed the place. This time was our first time in winter time. Every season yields different kind of beautiful landscapes and enjoyments. We hiked with snow rackets, did some cross-country skiing and enjoyed the cold beauty of wildlife. Back at the hotel early in the evening after sunset we also enjoyed very much the fireplace and the restaurant.

I took this picture from the hotel terrace at the end of the afternoon on Christmas Eve, after a day of hiking in the cold (as low as 6°F). I like the light, the flatness of the frozen lake covered with snow and the pattern created by the snow unevenly covering the trees in the background.

I’ve captured the following image that same afternoon a few seconds before sunset. Despite the low temperature, this part of the lake was not yet fully frozen at this time of the year.

Lac Sacacomie en Hiver - Coucher de Soleil (Thierry Carlier)

Lac Sacacomie en Hiver - Coucher de Soleil

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I created these images with my CANON EOS 5D Mark II, using my EF 16-35mm f/2.8L II USM Lens. Respective Focal lengths: 23 mm / 27mm. Respective Exposure parameters: iso 100 / 100, aperture value f/22.0 / f/22.0, shutter speed 1/15 s / 1/6s overexposed by 1 stop. I have used my GITZO GT3531 Mountaineer Carbon Fiber Tripod. It required limited processing using Adobe Lightroom 3.

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